3 High Paying English Teaching Online Jobs Without Degree

English Teaching Online Jobs

English Teaching Online Jobs is an increasing trend for the last few years and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. With this rapid shift of our classes to online mode, the competition is increasing. Every vacancy for English Teaching Online Jobs has one thing in common, i.e., a bachelor’s degree to apply for. So unless you graduate in english, you can’t get any Teaching online job? No need to worry; we have assembled a list of companies where you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to apply for English Teaching Online Jobs.

Qualification For English Teaching Online Jobs

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The majority of teaching companies indeed need a degree to apply for a teacher’s post. But there are still quite a fair number of good companies who don’t ask for degrees to apply in English Teaching Online Jobs. You might be thinking, what do you need then? A TEFL certification will give you the necessary qualification. You can still apply without a TEFL certificate in a handful of companies, but it is not advisable in this globally competitive world.


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It is a popular app to learn English among non-native speakers. ThisEnglish Teaching Online job will enable you to engage in short chat sessions with students from around the world via webcam. You don’t need any experience. It tracks the time and pays you USD 0.17 per minute. There is high flexibility in working hours in this English Teaching Online Jobs.

It is also an app-based platform, and you will compulsorily need android or iOS, or tablet. PalFish encourages native speakers to apply for this English Teaching Online Jobs; however, anyone can apply. You teach both one-one and a group of students. You must have a valid teaching certificate like TEFL/TESOL/CELTA. In this English Teaching Online Jobs, you can set you to pay rate. It varies from $10-USD 18 per hour; it may go higher depending upon the teacher.


This English Teaching Online Jobs only accepts native speakers from American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and Irish/English dialects. You even don’t need a teaching certificate to apply for these English Teaching Online Jobs. The only requirement is your age should be above 18 years. Experience is not compulsory but preferred. You can set your price for the lecture, and SkimaTalk charges a fee of 20% of whatever session price.


You don’t always need a degree to apply for all English Teaching Online Jobs. Mainly these options feature the apps and sites to teach English to native speakers around the world. The application requirements are simple, and the working hours are also flexible. You should be fluent in English, energetic, and creative enough with good interpersonal skills to teach students from diverse backgrounds. These English Teaching Online Jobs are medium to high paying and hassle-free application procedures.

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