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5 Best Online Courses for Coding


Coding has become one of the most important things to learn in today’s world. And it becomes the most relevant also. So, learning to code is becoming prominent day by day. On the other hand, online learning courses are also becoming popular. In your daily life, you use technology in almost everything. Technology is the power of a sustainable tomorrow. Online courses are not only helping to develop the minds, but it connects one part of the world to the other. So, to bring the best of both, many new online courses are started on coding. And to learn to code here is a list of 5 best online courses for coding.

Coursera – Online Courses for Coding

In the world of online courses of coding, Coursera is probably the best online course that has been offered. The designers of the course are a group of professors at Stanford University. According to the users, Coursera is the most academically sound course and you can specialize with this in this field.

You may be a beginner or professional, Coursera is offering to start courses for everyone. Courses like Web Development and Coding to Applied AI of IBM – you can find anything and everything here, according to your desire.

You do not have to pay a dime to learn the various courses Coursera is offering. But in case you need to get a certificate after attending their courses, you have to pay a small sum of money.

5 Best Online Courses for Coding
5 Best Online Courses for Coding

Pluralsight – Online Courses for Coding

After Coursera, if you want another place to find the best coding courses, Pluralsight is probably the best. Pluralsight acquired many coding libraries and companies and now it is one of the best and biggest libraries. If you are thinking of student experience, Pluralsight offers an amazing experience and you may learn to code efficiently.

Pluralsight offers many courses – be it a single one, or a group of courses which can help you in the future. With educational videos, it also offers an assignment to check your progress.

But like Coursera, Pluralsight is not free. You need to shell out $29 for one month. Though the courses are not free, it offers a 10-day trial. So, you can check the courses out.

After Covid-19, Pluralsight offered many free courses in April 2020.

Free Code Camp

Many non-profit platforms are also helping many underprivileged students by providing many useful courses on the internet. Free Code Camp is one of those non-profit platforms. And, all the coding courses they are providing are free of cost. You just need an internet connection and a computer and laptop and a strong will to complete the courses.

The courses this platform is offering are web design, data visualizations, etc. You can access the 300 hours of educational videos. You can even have a certificate after completing the courses.

5 Best Online Courses for Coding
5 Best Online Courses for Coding

General Assembly

General Assembly courses are also one of the best courses that online courses can avail. You can avail of any courses, ranging from introduction to coding to Python Programming. Some of these courses are free of cost. But you may not get very important courses for free. General Assembly organizes live stream to provide you the lessons. You need to buy an e-ticket at Eventbrite to join the stream. But, if you miss a class, you may not find it to complete this course.

Envato Tuts+

If you are in web designs, coding or 3D illustrations, Envato Tuts+ is one of the best to offer the courses you want. Many courses are only video-based, but you can also get tutorials, eBooks, and all the other things you need to get. Many courses on this platform are free. You can even get access to their library while joining their courses.

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