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Adobe Careers: Adobe Jobs For The Trainee

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Since you are looking for information on Adobe’s career, it would be easier to assume that you know what it is. However, to be on the protected side, it is better to put in a word. Adobe Photoshop is a family of products for working with digital images, for transforming and showcasing them in different ways. The products are created and marketed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. The family includes [a] Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended, targeted for interactive designers, web designers, cross-media designers, and video professionals; 

[b] Adobe Photoshop CS5, targeted for print designers and photographers; 

[c] Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, targeted for amateur photographers and professional photographers. Adobe claims that the Photoshop CS5, together with Lightroom 3, will provide a total solution for managing, processing, importing, and showcasing your images. The duo can also perform pixel-level composing and editing.

The idea in giving all the details above was to make you aware of the breadth of the products under the common terms Adobe Photoshop or simply Photoshop so that you can review your expertise and slot your potential in the proper orientation.

Adobe Career

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Career opportunities for people with knowledge of Adobe Photoshop are simply humongous. An extremely tiny slice of the job opportunities available would be digital media specialists, graphic designers, advertising designers, desktop publishers, print media producers, web designers, digital artists, etc.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer would be more involved with the specific processes of the actual design, whereas a desktop publisher will be focusing on the more editorial aspects of the design such as brochures, logos, letterheads, photo prints, and photo frames, etc.

Suppose you are trying for the desktop publishing jobs, apart from Photoshop, which will be your main tool. In that case, you may have to require knowledge of other programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, and Adobe Acrobat. You will need to be extremely proficient in Adobe Photoshop to get projects completed and prepared for print or other outputs. If you are really serious about desktop publishing, you will need to master the entire CS2 suite along with Quark Xpress. The latter is meant for layout designs in magazines, corporate publishing, typesetting, and ad agencies.

Other Fields

Other fields like web content creation may require the use of other programs like Macromedia and Flash, along with Photoshop. Whether to work independently as a freelancer or as in a more traditional job is entirely up to you, but the opportunities available to a person with full Photoshop proficiency are really too many:

Multimedia Production specialist, Media Group partner/outsourced, Internet Marketing and Advertising Consultant, Promotions Department, Nightclub Promotion, Computer Consultant, Product Design Department, Web Consultant, Web content provider, Copy Shop, Digital Print Shop, Freelance Graphic Artist, Record Label ad design department, Freelance Web Template Design, Web Template Design, Magazine Layout & Publishing, Web Design Agency, Multimedia Production Agency, Research & Development (project dependent), Professional photo retouching agency, Professional photo restoration agency, Fashion studio photographer, Fashion marketing, Professional photographer assistant, Photo restoration house, Corporate image consulting, Corporate branding project, Graphic Design Agency, Multimedia or Digital Education, Video post house, Freelance Photographer, Independent Business Owner, Marketing/Image Consultant, Film marketing firm or distributor, Printer or Publishing Agency, Advertising Departments, Product Marketing & Design departments, Corporate Marketing or Publishing Departments, Modeling Agency, Fashion photography retoucher, Flyer, brochure & printing agency, Advertising Design Agency, Advertising Agency, Fulfillment house, etc.

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