All The Questions You Ever Had About Online Writing Jobs Answered

online writing jobs

Online writing or content writing is the process of writing and editing online web content. These are usually for some websites or blogs, scripts for videos and platforms or even for social media platforms. The content you write for each of these platforms are different and even differ in the writing style and other requirements. The most important content writing right now is the SEO writing or Search Optimization engine writing, whereby you research and find out ways to write a article such that your article ranks very good in search engine lists. Nowadays, due to availability of various digital platforms more and more people are not only making their livelihood but also making it big in the writing industry. 

What Are The Ways That You Can Get Online Writing Jobs?

Online Writing

The ways that you can get Online Writing Jobs are through blogging, Content writing and Marketing, Copywriting, Freelancing and lastly through self-publishing.

A Few Websites Through Which You Can Get Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing

Here is a list of five popular websites through which you can get online writing Jobs.

  • Upwork: This is the most popular freelancing website out there and provides all sorts of writer jobs. It’s relatively easy to use and you can find and work with the best professionals in the world. This is a very great platform to find variety in online writing jobs such as editing, copywriting, blog writing etc and is mostly freelancing. Pay rates at Upwork are varied and depend mostly on the job. Beginners might find it a bit daunting as there’s a complicated bidding system for jobs available. They need to build credibility by doing low profile jobs at first and take some skill tests available in the platform itself to make it big here.
  • Blogging Pro Board: Made mostly for bloggers this website organises jobs based on type, such as freelance, part-time and temporary. You can find the latest jobs here by searching through each category. You need to send an application to your preferred jobs as employers give your resume the utmost importance here. The pay here is $15 dollars per 500 words or per hour but they might vary depending on the job.
  • Iwriter: Another popular place to find online writing jobs, I writer requires you to take an online test after signing in. Once you pass the test, you can easily pick articles of your preferred choice and start writing. Here reviews matter and the more positive reviews you get the more credibility you build. Writers are classified according to their experience and credibility into standard, premium, elite or elite plus. Pay usually depends on this classification and where you lie in the system and the length of your article.
  • Problogger: It’s one of the best places for writers and employs various resources that bloggers can use to further enhance their blogs and thus finds itself a home to some of the best writers in the world. There are a lot of top bloggers here as this offers the most prestigious online writing jobs. The pay rates depend on the work and you can negotiate beforehand with your employer about it.
  • Flexjobs: If you’re a person whose looking for flexibility in a job you’ve come to the right place. Flex-job has a list of jobs that are usually very flexible and combine work from home, part time and freelancing jobs. Pay here depends on a lot of factors namely length of the article, work, your credibility and the employer.
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