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Digital Illustration Career To Kick Start Yourself

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Keenly want to learn about a Digital illustration career? And want to have a career in the digital world? Digital illustration creates an image that portrays a story, sells a product or concept, Or conveys a mood or emotion. While cultural illustrations are made using procedures like watercolor or oil on canvas or paper, digital illustrations are created with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop.

What Does The Illustrator Do?

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A digital illustration career is to create authentic artwork for clients (for instance, a film/game studio, publisher, an individual, or add agency) to help sell a product or convey a message.

The Process Includes:

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  • Getting a creative brief from an employer/client.
  • Conducting gathering, research, creative and delivering the first pass.
  • Accommodating the image as required on the basis of client notes.
  • Providing the final artwork.

There are several digital illustration career paths from which illustrators select them. And also available with the option of contract, freelance work, or in-house.

Here Are A Few Instances Of Niches That May Work:

Film: A film studio might ask a professional to depict combat between a villain and a hero to help in setting the scene for a crew and director before reaching the set; or pictures for important scenes to make the audience feel frightened, happy, sad etc. and to establish the mood.

Video Games: An expert might get asked to make a scene to inform the games’ visual direction.

Publishing: A publisher might receive trading cart art or commission book cover to annoy a customer’s interest and help sell the product.

Difference Between Illustration And Drawing

Drawing is the basics and the fundamentals of art. An artist is required to learn how you can portrait before illustration.

How Does Illustration Differ from Concept Art?

Concept art means the idea of what a prop, environment or character might appear like. A digital illustration career is when you keep all the elements into one picture to depict a story.

There is more overlap but they differ from each other. For instance, concept art can be referred to as the back & front of a marvel hero’s weapon or costume.

The illustration is another level: Putting a villain and a hero together in one image and depicting a story.

Types Of Digital Illustration Career

Digital illustration career is used in many aspects of life, of which most people are aware! An artist may fabricate art for things like:

  • Films and games
  • Storyboards (for film, TV shows, and commercials)
  • Editorials
  • Storyboards (for film, TV shows, and commercials)
  • Commercial products
  • Magazines and posters
  • Toy designs and packaging
  • Fashion and costume design
  • Books and book covers
  • Magazines and posters
  • Advertising

Conclusion On Digital Illustration Career

A digital illustration career can genuinely help you out in the best possible ways. So, give your career a flying start with digital illustration.

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