Digital Nomad Career Is The New Cool

digital nomad career

The world of work has evolved and changed since man began to work. From work for self and community sustenance we now see profit and margin based fields of work which are prevalent everywhere except some traditional and tribal societies. The world of work has seen a tremendous change in the industrial as well as port-industrial world, effects of which we still observe and undergo in today’s world. The advent of the World Wide Web and hand held devices has further enabled and altered the landscape of the world of work tremendously. Humans are working in today’s world like never before in their entire history.

Computer Technology: A Revolution

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A revolution was brought digitally, through the power of computing. There have arisen umpteen new careers which were earlier never thought of, let alone existed. Along with new careers the way of working, as mentioned earlier, has also changed. Earlier it was in the fields or open spaces. Then, came the factories and large industrial setups. Later on corporate office culture followed, wherein people fundamentally sat all day on their respective desks and carried out their work. In between this work culture upheaval is a new add-up, known as Digital Nomad Career. Most people know who a nomad is (a person who doesn’t stay at a single place for long durations).

What Is A Digital Nomad Career?

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Therefore a nomad equipped with digital instruments and technology can be considered a digital nomad in a broader sense. The basis of digital nomads seems to be in the remote work or “work from home” culture, wherein people from their homes instead in an official workspace. Digital nomads keep moving from place to place while earning their livelihood through the use of telecommunication technologies. As discussed earlier the role of technology led to a change in how we see and get engaged with the world of work; digital nomad career is a prime example of this phenomenon. Therefore as the term digital nomads suggests, these people conduct their lives in a nomadic sense and work online as opposed to the common notion of settling and working at a particular place for a particular long period of time. Their area of working is not restricted. It could be within one’s own country or foreign countries as well. Digital nomads use wireless equipment, smartphones, tablets, laptops, cloud based equipment to work remotely.

Pros And Cons: Digital Nomad Career

While this career choice may seem alluring and captivating, it also brings a parcel of new problems. Most common problem faced by digital nomads is loneliness. They often have to maintain long distance relationships with friends and family which might prove difficult for some. They also need to have a grasp of the local languages of the countries they visit to effectively communicate with the locals. Apart from these issues it is also expensive to maintain such a lifestyle which requires relative continuity in terms of physical geographic movement.

This kind of lifestyle is relatively new with a little community worldwide. Like every other type of work it has its pros and cons. However exciting it may seem it has a big risk factor (especially in terms of finance) and other myriad problems which one may face depending on the place they are currently working from.

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