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Easiest Digital Career Options

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Are you seeking ways to earn money online? Here are some top 3 digital career options that will get you guaranteed income. 


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Blogging is one of the most common professions today as it requires little or no investment. You can start with your blogs on free blogging sites such as Blogger and then head on to creating your own domain later, which costs around $10 to $15. Bloggers deliver free, entertaining, relevant and informative content on a lot of topics, including fitness, health, fashion, wellness, careers, technology and such others. Once you get an audience, you can even monetize them by selling products and services directly. 

Become An Affiliate Marketer

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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn some bucks online. To become an affiliate marketer, you need to sell products for other companies and earn a commission out of it. You can products for other companies on their own website or on other ecommerce channels like eBay and Amazon. It is easy because it does not require you to develop any products yourself. All you need to do is to sign as up as affiliate who can sell a company’s products using your own created special referral link. The commission amount differs from product to product and also goes up according to the number of products you manage to sell. You can sell home and garden products to begin with as the tier is easily 8% for such items. You can also sign up with affiliate networks like ClickBank or Sharesale to choose from their vast array of products.

Buy and Sell Domains

You can also easily earn money by buying and selling domain names. There is an increasing competition in getting a good and catchy domain name for your website and most of the names you think of are already taken by someone. If you think you are creative enough in thinking captivating domain names then you can make this as a profession. You can buy a domain name for its registration value and then sell it for a profit. To get you started, you can check the lists of expired domain names who had been on the world wide web for some time and are now back for buying. Expireddomains.net lists some terminated domain names and you can search by keywords. 

There are some other professions as well such as Vlogger/YouTuber or a Podcaster, which can help you earn money online. You can also think about other new startup ideas like photography and offering online courses. 

If you are tossing and turning at night dreaming about your new venture, then it is time to shape your dream into reality. There are many more ideas for digital marketing, digital careers and online money making options. There is plenty to do and earn from just sitting on your laptop. So, come and get started as quick as possible.

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