Easy to Remove, Easy to Pill and Stick! Conveniently Peel the Labels Away with No Residues!

Aesthetics is the need today! Stationery looks beautiful and becomes much more interesting when we add colour and fun to it. Here is our amazing product that would enhance you style of writing and doing your stationery. Our very own Checks and receipts stationery stickers are both cute and beneficial to record tracks of all the transactions and other important things in our day to day life. They can be used to record money transactions of the day, add or subtract receipts, and even to write down your daily grocery list. Specially in this digital world where the software companies have done all they could to digitize the look of sticky notes, nobody could do the satisfactory for the real paper tangible sticky notes.

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About the Assorted Receipts/Checks Stationery Sticker

Our stationery stickers have a retro and vintage look to it. They can be used as piece of receipt paper or beautiful cards on a journal. You can stick them on the refrigerator or cupboards or walls. They come in multiple colours and are made from premium quality paper. Their self adhesiveness makes them even more beneficial. They are infact ideal for designing journals, artword and scrap books. They come in multiple check and receipt designs so you dont get bored of just one pattern. They are cool and fun to use and come 56 of them in one package. 

Our sticky notes are the most productive tools in terms of stationery and one can use the in multiple smart ways, these are the reasons why are they still considered to be the essentials in the stationery collection.


Pros for the Assorted Receipts/Checks Stationery Sticker

  • They are self adhesive so you can stick them anywhere on the walls, cupboards, fridge etc.
  • They beautify the look of the space you stick them. May it be your scrap book or refrigerator. 
  • They have a vintage appeal to them and gives a retro look where stuck.
  • They can be used for multiple purposes like decorating your scrap books or simply to record your receipts. 
  • They can be used as a to do list, plan projects, color code tasks, or annotate chunk of texts. 
  • They are attention grabbing and a pervasive tool
  • People can use them while studying and study in a more interesting way. The boredom and monotony is definitely removed. 

Cons for the Assorted Receipts/Checks Stationery Sticker

These beautiful and vintage stationery stickers have multiple benefits and not enough demerits. However one drawback could be that they are not reusable. Once the content is written you cannot undo that. The stickiness may fade away over some period of time especially if your keep removing it more often. 


Add a aesthetic look to your stationery collection by main a great purchase from us. These sticky notes are not blank and dull like the other ordinary notes. They are more fun to use and one can fall in love with their stationery once they get these. 

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