Few Travel Agency Home Based Jobs

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Every one of us loves to travel, and some people have a passion for traveling. When you can make money from your love, it becomes extraordinary. Some of you might think that you don’t have professional experience with this, then how can you earn from it. Well, there are tons of ways through which you can make money digitally. And most of these things do not require prior experience or knowledge. So, if you are passionate about this and wish to make money, then you can consider these travel agency home based jobs.

Cruise Planner

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If you are fond of the cruising lifestyle, then there are several jobs related to it. One such job is a cruise planner and is affiliated with American express.

They provide you a six-day training session in Florida. They will also provide you with tech tools, award-winning marketing programs, and American express benefits. You can run a successful business from home using their devices.

In addition to this, you can earn commissions on cruises, hotels, excursions, flights, passports, and more.

Travel Writer

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If you love to explore and fond of writing too, then you can consider giving this a shot. Travel writers are freelance writers or independent contractors. They write articles and reviews for websites, magazines, newspapers, and other travel guides of particular places.

Topics of the writing can range from food and nightlife to specific travel niches like eco-tourism, adventure travel, or family-friendly travel. Moreover, you will also be given free travel and accommodation for this job.

Travel Blogger

Travel bloggers are people who share every detail of their travel through a personal blog. Thus, if you love to share information about your trip, then you can consider doing this.

Also, bloggers choose a particular niche for themselves, such as traveling for couples, singles, families, or through the interest like mountain, island, or luxury travel.

Further, bloggers use various techniques like direct ad sales, affiliate marketing, or by creating their travel information products to make money.

Instagram Travel Influencer

If you love using Instagram and even have a knack for taking beautiful pictures, you can choose an Instagram travel influencer. The only issue with this one is that you will have to build an audience for yourself first.

However, once you are done with that step, you can start making lots of money.

Local Coordinator For Exchange Students

Local coordinators are the volunteers or independent contractors who go out to community schools, churches, and other places searching for families interested in hosting foreign exchange students.

Besides finding safe hosting families for students, you can also act as a point of contact and mentor the students. In this, you will be paid a stipend for every successful placement you make.


Suppose you love to travel and are passionate about it. Then there are several ways to live the digital nomad lifestyle while still making a living. Moreover, these travel job opportunities don’t require certification as a travel agent, and many of them even provide training. We hope that this travel agency home based jobs guide was helpful to you.

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