Free Online Courses Certificates: What You Need To Know

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Certificates offer much in the way of spicing up your CV – and this makes you appear more qualified and professional to your prospective recruiters. More interestingly, there are some available free online courses with certificates that you can take advantage of, and move your career up a notch. And the best part is: they’re absolutely free. All you have to do is study diligently and wait patiently for your certificate. Thereafter, you can present it to your recruiters and have a greater shot at securing your target job position.

Have A Scoop At Some Free Online Courses


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This is one of the best platforms available for free online courses with certificates. While Udemy has a wide array of courses, they’re of standard quality, and once you sign up for any, rest assured that you’ll receive value for your money. It offers 823 courses. Some of the most popular among students include graphic design, block chain, Excel, Java, Drop shipping, Linux, Blogging, and Digital Marketing.

Additionally, they vet all tutors to be sure that they’re highly skilled and a good fit for the job. Once you successfully complete the course, you’ll be given a certificate of completion. Also, keep in mind that at Udemy, professionalism is held to a high standard.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is among the most trusted online platforms. Ideally, it’s a site where professionals connect and advance their careers. LinkedIn learning thus offers some wonderful courses that can help ramp up your career to the next level. It has a catalog of over 13000 video courses. Also, the tutors are vetted before sharing information to ensure that the information disseminated is of high quality.

The learning sessions are also very interactive because they include quizzes and videos so learners can better grasp the information taught. Once you select the available one-month free trial option, you can take any course for free and receive a valid certificate. The available courses include Marketing, Project Management, IT, Leadership and Management, Web Design, Business Strategy, and Cloud Computing.


If you’re looking to improve your science, IT, or coding skills, then Alison is a good idea! This course provider serves over 13 million learners. Also, it prides itself on over 2 million graduates and more than 1000 courses. Unlike other platforms that create courses from scratch, Alison provides an organized platform where many courses can be offered all across the internet.

While signing up to this platform, keep in mind that they don’t offer video materials for all courses. You may even use mobile apps to access some courses. Also, certificates aren’t available for all the courses. That said, you have to be very careful while making selections to avoid unnecessary inconveniences on your end.

Google Digital Garage

Google isn’t left behind when it comes to free online courses with certificates. Although many people use Google every single day, they’re unaware that it offers some free certification causes. They’re also very convenient because many of them don’t have time restrictions. You can work things out your way, and receive an accredited certificate that you can download and add to your CV.

Rounding Up

Taking some of these courses is a great way to learn and grow your career. While navigating the courses, remember to be careful so you select one that matches your professional interests.

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