Graphic Design Courses Online Is Simple To Use And Available In A Variety Of Forms

graphic design courses online

Yes, free. If you’re looking to take a graphic design course in graphic design today, whether you’re a beginner or’ve had 25 years on the job experience, free is great. But there’s more to this than meets the eye. Before I go any further, I have to tell you that when I say free, I don’t mean that you won’t be paying for anything. I’m simply saying that all resources you use to learn are available for free, and most of them are available without charging. With that out of the way, here are some of the top free graphic design courses online right now in 2112 and beyond.

Fundamental Design And Intermediate Graphic Design

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This first two graphic design courses online, Fundamental Design and Intermediate Graphic Design, will give you a very solid foundation to build upon. Both of these offer a very solid set of fundamentals that you need to master if you want to become a truly great designer. In fact, many of the fundamental techniques used by all great designers are covered in these two beginner lessons. In essence, they teach the fundamentals of design. These fundamentals include color, line, shape, balance, and rhythm.

One of the things I like about lessons on fundamental design and graphic design courses online is that they can be broken down into many smaller sub-topics. For example, the second lesson in Fundamental Design covers basic shapes. The next sub-topic, color, focuses on how to use colors in your work. There’s also a sub-topics on anatomy and physiology, which I found quite interesting.

The Introduction To Graphic Design

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The introduction to graphic design offers some wonderful lessons as well. You learn graphic design through a simple introduction to using the principles of Canva and then move on to an example of one type of a brochure. This lesson has a good explanation of anatomy and physiology, explaining how everything works together to create a well-designed poster. And finally, we learn ten top tips for designing websites.

Coursera Plus is another great course that provides a great intro to the world of graphic design. We learn ten basic principles of graphic design through this exciting program. You’ll learn about color matching, how to arrange text and images so they are readable, how to place your own personal style throughout your piece, and finally, how to maximize your visual copy so it brings in the customers. Coursera Plus goes into more depth with anatomy and physiology, but it really focuses on the basics. You’ll quickly learn the fundamentals necessary to begin your own business online.


Adobe InDesign is also offered by Adobe. This particular program is taught with a first-person perspective, as designers are shown how to work with design problems. Although Adobe provides many tutorials in different formats, the most popular are those shown in screen shots, which allow you to see the layout exactly as it will appear in a browser. You’ll learn the fundamentals of working with layers, how to add transitions, and how to apply styles. It’s an excellent intro to the world of design.

Bottom Line

These three lessons provide an exceptional starting point for any beginner who wants to learn the basics of working with graphics. They provide an introduction to Canvas and Illustrator, explaining the fundamentals of each tool and helping you understand what each does. Once you’ve learned the basics, they provide further detail with detailed tutorials covering topics such as colors, layer styles, transitions, and adding transitions to your work.

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