How to Make Money Teaching Online -

How to Make Money Teaching Online

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If you’re looking for the top home-based online teaching jobs available today, think about this for certain. Of course, one of the easiest ways for a new teacher to start working online is to work directly with an individual or school. Many educational establishments have recently begun to shift their entire system to include more online distance learning due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. This is great news for countless numbers of teachers who could not compete with this stiffer competition. In addition, it’s wonderful news for students, since they now have even more options available to them. You can certainly make a nice living by starting your online degree program, but there are many other options available as well.

No Prior Experience Needed

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Most of the top home-based online teaching jobs today require no prior experience whatsoever, at least on the part of the teacher. Some states and cities require teachers to be licensed to teach in public schools in those jurisdictions. On the other hand, some cities and states don’t require teachers to be licensed. That’s why it’s important to contact your local schools in advance and inquire about any training and certification requirements that they have for teachers. Some schools have even gone to establish programs to help teach young children in the age range of three to nine years old.

Average Salary

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The average salary for home-based online teaching jobs is quite variable, depending on what it is that you’re looking to do. For example, the English as a Second Language (ESL) component of the program has some minimum requirements. There is the so-called “ELT” test, which is offered on a few different platforms. The test itself and the format used are taken on a computer in an actual classroom, and scores are calculated by a computer program that does all of the math. There are some minimum requirements for specific EFL programs. Still, the overwhelming majority of them don’t require anything more than an English degree of some sort of a passing grade on an English composition class.

Language Requirements

In some instances, there may be some language requirements for the English teachers, as well. The computer used to calculate scores is part of the package, and some programs will use the language that you speak as the input for calculations. If you plan on working with an online platform that offers to tutor, you’ll also want to know if any testing is required. There may be an exam for ESL teachers that can be taken once a year in many cases. The exam is usually a multiple-choice exam, and it may require you to demonstrate certain skills or show how your knowledge of the English language has progressed since you took the class. If you are planning on teaching in a classroom, you will want to be sure that you meet the minimum requirements for that type of program.

EFL Tutoring

For the most part, the pay for EFL tutoring is higher than for home-based online teaching jobs in most cases. In general, the hourly rate goes higher with experience, but the pay is also dependent on whether the teacher is certified or not. If you have not been certified in English yet, it may be in your best interest to take some college courses before starting, especially if you plan on teaching part-time. Having a Bachelor’s degree or higher will almost certainly help you command a higher pay rate.

Online Teaching Platforms

Some online teaching platforms allow tutors to set their schedules. This is ideal for those who like to study at their own pace and work without interference. These teachers can set their schedule, and they are paid per hour regardless of how many students they teach in a given week. On the other hand, most EFL and other similar programs require teachers to log into their accounts at certain times during the day. So if you plan on working from home, you might want to check out the payment schedule of some of these programs first.

TOEFL Scores

If you decide to teach part-time, you will most likely have to meet some minimum requirements. For starters, you must have a bachelor’s degree in English. In most cases, you will need to submit your TOEFL scores. Your computer skills must be above average, as well. As a bare minimum, you should be able to complete basic programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Summing Up

Online teaching jobs require tutors to meet certain minimum requirements. Applicants must usually be over twenty years old, and they must have a teaching license. Those with bachelor’s degrees are usually required to submit detailed student evaluations before being hired. Once hired, they typically start making upwards of $20 an hour. If you have the skills, then this can make for a very good income!

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