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online classes

In view of the threat of an epidemic like covid-19 and due to the lockdown, children’s schools have been closed for several months. Although now the lockdown is over, and the first phase of unlocking has started, schools have still not been opened, keeping in mind the safety of the children. In such a situation, children take online classes and study at home from their parents’ mobile, desktop, or laptop. By the way, online classes have opened a new avenue in education in the country, and it is likely to expand in the coming days. 

Most of the children are happy with the online classes. At the same time, schools are also thinking of taking it forward. While it has its advantages, it also has disadvantages. So let’s know what the advantages of online classes for children are, and why it is harming the children.

Benefits Of Online Classes

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Due to these classes, the traveling time of the children is saved. Many children go to school far away from their homes to study, due to which they get scared. Due to the time lost in travel, they cannot do any extracurricular or extra activities. But with online classes, they now have so much time to focus on things of their interest, such as music, dance, painting, etc.

Is Convenient

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Online classes are very convenient, and no other medium can be more convenient than this. Through this, children can study without going to school while sitting at home. You can sit and read wherever you want. With this, children are getting a lot of rest in the summer season to use their energy well.


Children are taking classes through video chat, due to which they are getting technical skills. This is why in today’s date, almost all the children have a good knowledge of gadgets. The urge to know new things related to online is increasing in them. Through online classes, children have learned a new way of using technology. At the same time, teachers have also learned a new way of teaching from online classes and have found new ways to teach children and increase their interest in studies.

Saving Money

The burden of parents’ pockets has been reduced a bit due to online classes. The money spent on travel is being saved. In this way, parents are now also thinking about online courses for their children. Now they do not want to send their children to expensive coaching centers. Many state governments are also considering this.

Easy Access

Now children and parents understand that the Internet can be used for studies and other activities, such as music, dance, painting, etc.

At the same time, with the classes going on in front of the parents, they can also access the teachers and the children quickly.

So, these are the ultimate pros of online classes. It is one of the best ways of teaching right now.

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