Planning For the League World Series

league worlds

The World League of Warcraft is a premier gaming event that is held every year. It is set up by Blizzard Entertainment and is similar to the Olympics in that it is divided into six regions. It is held annually and has an international following. One can expect incredible competition from countries like Korea, China, Japan, Europe and the United States.

There Are Four Regions

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The first two are qualification based and need a certain number of points in order to qualify for worlds. The other two regions are invited to join the league based on their performances in the previous year. The invites consist of teams with players with pro potentials. It is expected that any team that wishes to be invited will perform well at worlds.

The format of the tournament is also unique to the league. There are four teams that are decided through the regional championships. The first two are set up in the same way as the international teams are. Then the best team from each region will be paired up and the two will play a single elimination series. The team that wins the first seed will get the second seed and the losing team will receive the third seed.

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The playoff rounds determine which team will receive the fourth seed. This seed will then have the task of heading to Anaheim, USA to take on another team. There will be another tournament at the end of the season to decide which team takes the fifth seed. These seeds are beneficial for players as they help them decide what they should specialise in.

The location of the world finals is based on the world map. Each season there is a different area in which the event takes place. Europe is mostly known for this event as most of the world’s top gamers gather there. The Spring Festival is usually held in March and showcases some of the strongest teams in the league. The Fall event usually takes place sometime between September and October and showcases the international teams as well as the up and coming teams. The Summer Festival is the opposite of the above, it focuses on the local teams.

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Each team gets to choose a superstar player who will represent them in the league. These players have to be worthy of being called a superstar. Players have to be good at playing the game, great with their attitude, and above all, have the ability to perform on a consistent basis. They also have to be able to perform on different kinds of surfaces. A player can only become a true superstar if he is able to play on every kind of surface.

Last Words

It helps to get to know the competition. Sometimes players who aren’t getting along with the other racers in their league will choose to enter a tournament. This is especially good if the player has had some success in the past. It gives the player an opportunity to prove himself against other competition. The winner of the tournament gets a trip to the worlds.

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