Simple Home Based Computer Jobs For Additional Income

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In the current situation due to the COVID pandemic, computer-based jobs are increasing rapidly. There are many companies that are becoming familiar with not only the concept but also the remote collaboration technology that is growing increasingly. Jobs like data engineers, web designers, and software developers are on the rise and people are also getting the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home. From entry-level to experts, you can find many home based computer jobs and apply for the same.

There are two things which you have to consider. These include the job profile and where to look. Given below are some of the simple work-from-home computer jobs that you can try applying for.

Simple Work From Home Computer Jobs

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Virtual Assistant Is On The Top Of The Home Based Computer Jobs List

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To the executive, team, or company, a virtual assistant offers remote administrative proper support. It includes a number of administrative tasks like booking travel, responding to messages and phone calls on social media, scheduling meetings, maintaining records or entering data, and many more. 

This is one of the home based computer jobs for which it is necessary to prioritize your time management, communication, and organizational skills. You should be well known for the collaboration platforms and standard communication, including spreadsheets and word-processing software, online calendars, messaging, and email tools like Slack and Gmail. 

Remote Customer Support Associate

For effective customer communication, companies require executives. Most of the remote customer support associate home based computer jobs assist as a “front line”. It includes providing information, answering questions, resolving issues, and many more, and also takes place using phone calls, online chats, or email. 

Smaller organizations will bundle all these channels in one, while at larger or medium-sized companies, you will see that all the jobs split up. For example- All the phone calls of the customer will be handled by a “call center associate” and the queries that are coming through online chats or email will be answered by a “help desk associate”.

Home Based Computer Jobs Also Include Remote Data Entry Clerk

The job role is to update or enter the alphanumeric or numeric data. For example, inputting numbers or a combination of numbers and letters into a database using the computer. While applying to this job, the employer will request the typing metrics like “wpm” or words per minute and “kph” or keystrokes per hour. 

It is important to type a minimum of 50 wpm or 8000 kph. You can find these jobs on both, freelance and full-time basis. You can also search these terms such as “virtual data entry”, “remote data entry”, “remote data operator” and “remote data entry clerk”. 


You can search for freelance or full-time jobs as per your experience and interest. These computer jobs will provide you not only with proper knowledge about the work but also a proper experience for working on any other computer jobs.

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