Tips For Successfully Searching For Online Faculty Jobs

online faculty jobs

For instance, you have to take into consideration the budget of the university, your student body, the number of full time and part time students, if you plan to increase your teaching load or not, and of course your personal life. If you plan on teaching online then you have to consider all these things as well. It is simply not possible to cover everything in one article but here are some of the main factors to consider in your search for an online faculty job:

The first thing to do is understand what online faculty jobs really mean and what kind of position you would like to fill. Many people mistakenly assume that all online instruction is the same, when in fact it can vary greatly depending on the university or college. There are now many adjunct instructors who have earned their online bachelor degree with a double major in English and education and a minor in Higher Education.

More Than Fifteen Thousand Online Adjunct Teachers Employed

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These are the individuals who are experiencing difficulties with getting their positions filled as traditional students are simply not submitting more applications to the online schools as they are with the local colleges and universities. It seems that there are simply more applicants for the lower level online faculty jobs as compared to the ones at the higher levels.

Another common myth is that the only online faculty jobs are at accredited universities and colleges which are not the case at all. For example, while there are more than fifteen thousand online adjunct teachers employed at the accredited universities and colleges in America at the moment, there are literally thousands of faculty jobs at the country’s junior and community colleges that are not accredited by the American Association of Schools and Colleges (AACSC) and other national accreditation organizations. Some of the colleges that are not accredited by the AACSC include the following:

Colorado Technical Institute (CTI)

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This is one of the two largest technical schools in the Denver-metro area and has therefore many online faculty jobs that have opened up in its school system. Some of these include instructors of computer science and math and health informatics and health care informatics.

They are also involved with providing online courses in welding, architecture, photography and mechanical engineering. Their website boasts of sixteen campuses and includes the online classroom, which they describe as a “shocking experience in a new way.”

ITT Technical Institute

This is another one of the larger technical institutions and is affiliated with several branches of the Department of Defense. They have their main campus in McNeil College, Massachusetts and one campus in Idaho.

This institution has several departments that offer online faculty jobs in several competency modeling areas. One such department offers job analysis that is geared towards federal government contracts.

Southern New Hampshire University

This is an online-only university that is located in the cities of Nashua and Portsmouth. The most popular course that students can take there is the Bachelor of Science in General Studies Degree. It is a combination of course work in strategic management and legal philosophy, which is included in the core curriculum.

Students can also select electives from global management, human resources, information technology, marketing, finance, and social and cultural policy. In order to perform their online faculty jobs, they must also complete a course in strategic management planning, which is included as an elective for the Bachelor of Arts degree in strategic management.

University Of San Francisco

This is a very large and prestigious university. Of its ten campuses, six are located in California and one each in Hawaii and Oregon. This university has its own campus in San Francisco as well as facilities in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Sacramento.

Its online faculty members are allowed to teach on any of these six campuses. The school has recently launched a program that will allow current online instructors to apply to teach one of their online classes.

Indiana University

One of the largest universities in the Midwest, Indiana University features over 250 campuses throughout the United States and Canada. All of its campuses have the Master’s degree program online. All online teaching and research assistantships require that candidates submit a completed application to the school with their academic credentials as well as a cover letter and resume.

The online teaching and research assistant positions are very competitive. Candidates who successfully pass the online teaching and research assistant examination are then placed in classrooms and monitored by an expert panel of faculty and staff members.

Etta Staffing Services Incorporated

This is another major staffing service provider that specializes in providing cost effective, quality employee benefits for small businesses and mid-size companies. All faculty and staff members are required to have a valid teaching credential.

The company uses a ranking system to determine the pay of the faculty. Candidates who receive a high ranking may be eligible to receive a free teacher training session or a discounted lunch/breakfast deal.

Indiana University’s Online English Instructor Resume

One of the best places for working on Indiana University’s online faculty positions is to apply at their employment website. There they provide several sample job search options, which include unlimited search options based on an unlimited number of criteria.

In addition to selecting several keywords from an unlimited list of Indiana University websites, a candidate can also enter in qualifications such as experience, geographic location, and even specific university websites. This search option will return a list of potential candidates with appropriate qualifications.


These are just a few of the options available for those searching for online faculty jobs at schools in Indiana. There are many online adjunct faculty positions available at Hoosier State University, and the opportunities are virtually endless. All that a person needs to do is use the suggestions provided here to begin the search for a higher education job that meets all of their qualifications.

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