Top 3 Online Courses for Finance

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The financial aspect is one of the most important things in any business. And gaining knowledge for your career on this subject is very important. But, as a professional, you may not have the time to attend any regular classes. So, here is a list of the top 3 online courses for finance that can help you.

Leading with Finance Course – Top Online Courses for Finance

When you are talking about the top financial course, you must opt for top colleges to avail of these courses. And, Harvard Business School is one of the best of the lot. They are providing one of the best online courses for finance – Leading with Finance course. The duration of the online course is 6 months. If you want to be a business and financial leader, this course is important for you as you need to understand, discover, identify, examine, develop, and engage all the financial tools. This online course also covers important topics like capital market and allocation, analysis of finance, etc. This online course is designed by the knowledgeable faculties of this important school. If you need to have a deeper perspective of the financial condition of your business and if you want to uplift your skills, this course is for you.

You can apply for this beautiful course for free. But, you need to apply as early as possible. All the applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis. But, you need to have an undergraduate degree or pursuing one.  You can submit your application on 10th December 2020. The total course is of 6 weeks. The type, of course, is part-time and you need to shell out around $1600 for this course.

Top 3 Online Courses for Finance
Top 3 Online Courses for Finance

Risk Management in the Global Economy Course

If you are in finance, the most important thing to cover is the risk factor. You must know this key aspect of the financial market as you need to manage the risk factor of the market. So, this course is a perfect thing for a new management trainee in the financial market. A risk can both be a potential and a danger also. In terms of the global economy, Risk Management in the Global Economy Course is the perfect online course for the situation. The aspects like finance, managing risk, an investment like stocks in share markets or bonds in banks, strategies in both the financial sector and also in non-financial sectors are the main ideas of this economy course.

The best thing about this London-Based university’s course is that it runs many times simultaneously in a year. You need to contact the school for the starting date and application deadline. This 4-weeks duration course is a part-time course. But the tuition fee of this course is USD 69 which is comparatively low than many economy courses available online.

Top 3 Online Courses for Finance
Top 3 Online Courses for Finance

Webinar OSINT Course

One of the most challenging things in the case of online courses is the time period. Many online courses are of 2 weeks to 4 weeks. But as a professional, you may not have the luxury of having such a period. So, as a professional, you can join a two-day webinar which can help you equally. Open Source Intelligence or OSINT is also another important aspect of the financial market. You may collect any important data from the open-source with the help of consultation. In the case of the financial market, this thing is important for managing risk, to stop money laundering.

This type of webinar helps you to verify the identities, documents, possessions, etc. of a company. So, you can manage the risk taken with a company. Even, it helps you to stop the money laundering aspect of a company.

This webinar helps you to know every bits and piece of the collections of data. From the search engines, operator safety, and different sources of data collection are part of the curriculum.

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