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Top 5 Free Psychology Courses

free online psychology courses

1. Intro to Psychology

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The concept of MIT open courseware started way back in 1999 although it started in 2003. It has a wide variety of subject’s access for free. Although it’s primarily an engineering school. Some courses on the brain and cognitive sciences are top-notch, including Introduction to psychology, Social Psychology can be accessed by anyone for free of cost. The model of learning is self-paced with already recorded lectures and assignments. It can benefit someone starting to know about psychology.

2. Positive Psychology-

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This course is offered by the University of North Carolina on Coursera. This course will allow you to get a deeper understanding of your minds and how your emotions affect you and your actions. This course will be taught by Dr Barbara and her colleges all of them is a distinguished professor of psychology. It will teach you about research findings in the field of positive psychology.

3. Clinical Psychology

4. Understanding the brain

With a high rating of 4.9 on Coursera and 150000 plus students who have already enrolled for this, this course comes with a lot of info about how neuroscience affects our behaviour, our habits. How neuroscience could answer those questions we encounter regularly. It will tell you about how you see the outside world, how you move your body, what are the things in your brain that triggers an action. This course has been 586 comments on Coursera if you want to know more about this you should check that out before enrolling for it.

5. How to think like a Psychologist

This course has been taught by professors at Stanford. Although there are no video or assignment modules to complete. It can listen on iTunes like a podcast. It will teach about various aspects of how a psychologist approach a mental problem. Sometimes when we couldn’t find a solution to a problem ourselves it’s easy to think like a person who could solve it and approach it in that way. You will get those kinds of insights from this course.


If you can not afford therapy or you can learn how to help a friend or you just want to learn about some aspects of psychology how we think, how our psychology affects you can check out these courses. All these courses are self-paced and free of cost. And If you are in need you should always consult a professional. This guide of free psychology courses will help you certainly although we can’t find a problem to every solution ourselves.

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