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Western Digital Careers to Keep in Mind

Western Digital Careers to Keep in Mind

If you’re looking to select a career that matches your skills, interests, and passions, it’s prudent to consider some western digital careers. Compared to brick and mortar stores, digital careers give you a chance to enjoy location independence while meaningfully contributing to your business.

Looking For A Job, Work, Silhouettes Here are some of the western digital careers to consider:

Chief Marketing Officer

This is one of the most sought-after western digital careers at this time. In this age of information, businesses are looking to scale up by ramping up their marketing strategies. That’s where this marketing position comes into play. Ideally, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It’s a pinnacle point in the digital marketing world. Some of the inherent skills required include leadership branding and advertising, digital marketing, customer experience, UX, and digital marketing.

One of the ways to successfully work your way to this point is holding a degree in marketing or at least serving in a marketing executing position while playing some critical roles in such a position. In addition to holding such prior esteemed positions, you also have to demonstrate a remarkable track record by leaving behind an excellent trail of successful campaigns. On average, a CMO grosses in around $170,000 per year.

Creative Director

Creative Directors play very interesting roles. They spice up businesses with great ideas. As a creative director, you should brace yourself to work alongside other teams within the business to advance the set-out goal and vision. When it comes to this career, flexibility is key. Some of the critical skills required include UX, design, editing, video production, animation, and finally, strategy and planning. Creative directors generally make around $146,000 per year.

Mobile App Developer

This is yet another important digital career currently. Essentially, a mobile app developer is tasked with creating, maintaining, and updating mobile applications. Most companies rely on mobile apps as a viable medium through which customers can interact with the business. That said, this is an ever-growing career, particularly in this technological age. The skills required include coding, analytics, design, ecommerce, and UX. While some companies are entirely premised on apps, some use it to enhance accessibility. Either way, this emphasizes the importance of mobile app development.

Head of Digital

Although this position is closely related to creative directors’ roles, there is some distinctions in-between. The Head of Digital mainly comes up with plans and strategies to advance the business, and then proceeds to execute them. To snag this position, you need crucial skills such as analytics, SEO, strategy and planning, PPC, and digital marketing.

With the fast-paced technological advancements, this role is becoming increasingly common. Also, the leadership aspect is important. Usually, the head of digital has to oversee varying operations in the company’s digital space.

Bottom line

It’s no doubt that western digital careers are an all-time-high currently. Regardless, you require some critical skills to skim through the mazes and attain the positions. That said, it’s best to consider the available options and select one that best suits you. 

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