Works As A Natural Healing Source, Feel The Large Amount Of Positive Energy That Stimulates The Body! -

Works As A Natural Healing Source, Feel The Large Amount Of Positive Energy That Stimulates The Body!

Expectedly, many will be approaching this page with a fundamental question in their mind – what is an orgonite pyramid? An orgonite pyramid is a combination of organic and non-organic materials which possess the property of moving the orgone energy from back and forth and act as a cleanser of negative, stagnant energies. The term ‘orgonite’ refers to a combination of metals, quartz crystals, semi-precious gemstones, and resin to balance out the life energy. This natural energy coming from the earth is the most potent cosmic energy. In an orgonite pyramid, the natural healing effect of the crystals magnifies. When you add semi-precious gemstones and crystals to the mix, it gets electrically charged by the resin, which contracts them. The organic material contained in this pyramid absorbs the vital energy, organic energy, while the non-organic components split it back in all directions. This orgonite pyramid helps to balance and filter energy fields in our environment. It can support strengthening your body energy by converting low-frequency energy into a higher frequency which is more beneficial for various life forms, including pets, plants, and human beings. Here, you will learn the specifications, pros, and cons of this superior and precious therapeutic orgonite pyramid stone and make up your mind! 

Buy This Precious Product – Therapeutic Orgonite Pyramid Stone 


  • Brand Name: Orgonite 
  • Main Stone: CRYSTAL
  • Metals Type: Copper
  • Occasion: Gift
  • Gender: Unisex 
  • Side Stone: Other natural material
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Style: TRENDY
  • Size: 6/8/10/13 cm
  • Item Type: Other jewelry 
  • Corresponding Chakra: 7 chakra
  • Corresponding Angel: All angels
  • Numbering: C0153
  • Function: EMF protection 
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  • This highly precious therapeutic orgonite pyramid stone enhances the flow of healing energy to you. 
  • The significant advantage of this orgonite pyramid stone is that it eliminates the negative energy for a healthier environment and creates an atmosphere of positive energy. 
  • It also provides comfort and relaxation, especially when sleeping. 
  • It is also an effective and great purifier of air. It purifies the air of all the impurities making the environment clean, healthy, and safe for everyone to live in. 
  • Also, it reduces stress and makes you relax your mind. This way, you can lead a stress-free and relaxed life. The positivity generated provides you a positive outlook and makes you focus on the better things and disappear negativity from your life. 
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The major disadvantage of this highly precious therapeutic orgonite pyramid stone is that you will find it at high prices.


The above article holds a brief description of this very precious and beautiful therapeutic orgonite pyramid stone. Hoping it was up to your expectations and you liked it. Buy one for you and gift this precious one to your precious one. Share results! 

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